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Youth Programs

We encourage Williamston parents to look into our CrossFit programs for their children.

As a parent you want your kids to be active and participate in activities that will promote good health. You want your child to find an activity that they enjoy and can participate throughout their lives. For these reasons parents sign their kids up for sports like soccer, basketball, and football. In hopes that their children find friends, enjoy the activity, and we even have hopes of possibly making it big one day…D1 scholarship maybe. It can be disappointing when your child does not show interest in becoming the next Lebron or Calvin Johnson. You may want to consider a whole different approach on how you encourage your kids to be active. CrossFit can be a great foundation for healthy activity, building relationships, and instilling a level of self confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives.


It is important for kids to find fitness fun. Children who associate working out with being something that is enjoyable will likely continue to keep fitness as a priority in their lives.

We are all aware of the physical benefits of CrossFit but CrossFit also provides emotional benefits. CrossFit is about teamwork, self-discipline, listening skills, and manners. These are all qualities that go a long way to shaping our children into hard working successful adults. Parents will also notice an increased level in self-confidence as their CrossFit experience continues. Children will walk into social situations with his or her head held high.

Enrolling your child in a CrossFit program will benefit them and we are sure you will feel good about the decision. We encourage Williamston parents to look into our CrossFit programs for their children.