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Athlete of the Month - May 2019

June 2, 2019



Athlete of the Month - May 2019:  Leighanne Vansickler


Congratulation Leighanne for earning Athlete of the Month!  Nobody changes until they are ready for change.  Leighanne was ready for change and she 100% committed herself to being that change.  Focusing on her nutrition and consistently coming to the gym she has nearly reached the goals that she set for herself.  If you would have asked her years ago that in 2019 she would be stringing pull ups together and completing Murph in record time she probably would have laughed at you.  But she has done both and has her sights on more.


High fives and chest bumps for Leighanne.


A few words from our athlete of the month:



When did you become a member at WC? 2014. I was pregnant with Blakely when I started!


What do you do when you're not at WC? As you all know I have two very busy kids! Nolan and Blake’s. I work at sparrow as a PA in oncology. Samantha and I love to travel and do projects around the house 🤗


When did you realize crossfit is right for you? After soreness became part of my daily routine 🤷🏼‍♀️ 


What’s your favorite WOD/movement? Snatch and OHS


What’s your least favorite WOD/movement? Wall balls. Yup. Wall balls forever. 


What is one thing you have done at WC that you never thought u would do? Double unders and pull ups! Still working on it...


What motivates you during a WOD? Really good music and knowing it’ll be over at some point 😂


What is something about yourself we may not know? I consciously practice mindfulness and gratitude. I love a good self help book. I’m not materialistic...I meal prep in the morning before my kids wake up...I like butter in my coffee...could go on and on 


What advice would you give someone just getting started with crossfit? Don’t be intimidated. Learn to love to scale. Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. 


Fill in the blank (one word):

I like... coffee 

I eat...KETO 

I do... CrossFit 

I am...hard working

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