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Athlete of the Month - March 2019

April 18, 2019


Congratulations Toby Weston for earning Athlete of the Month during March!


Toby's positive attitude and work ethic are contagious in the gym, anyone who has ever worked with him will attest.  What was most impressive about what Toby did during the month of March and continues to do is his commitment to staying active.  CrossFit is built on the principles of being modified and scaled so that anyone can complete the WODs and our coaches are trained to provide that service to anyone in the class.  Toby recently suffered a significant shoulder injury that may have been enough to sideline the average athlete.  Not Toby...he complete all of The Open workouts and continues to be a regular face in the classes.  It is that attitude and determination that earned him Athlete of the Month.  Congrats.


A few words from Toby:


How long have you been an athlete?

I honestly don't know the date but I think it's been at least 2 years.


What are some movements/WODs you like now but did not when you first started CrossFit? Before the shoulder wimped out, I was feeling much better stringing muscle ups together. That was a move that I was amazed I was able to do during one of the Opens, despite never being able to get one prior. Just the coaching and little tips from the fellow athletes had gotten me more comfortable with that movement.


What hobbies do you have?

I love being outside, working in the yard, building forts with the kids, landscaping, doing maple syrup, etc.  


What motivates you to return to the gym throughout the week?

I think being held accountable to myself, my family and other around me is a big motivator. It was funny, we go to breakfast every Friday morning and see most of the same people. I typically come in a little late and covered in sweat from the morning workout. We where a few weeks into the open with no Friday morning classes and I had at least 3 people come up and ask if everything is all right and if I was still working out. Just goes to show people do notice. Also I truly enjoy all the people at the gym, I may not be the chattiest person, but just watching the camaraderie and knowing there are no big ego's in there makes it enjoyable. 


What benefits do you notice from participating in a regular fitness routine?

It's a stress reliever for me, helps me stay balanced and I definitely notice it when I miss. I get a lot of compliments on how good I look for "50"!


What advice can you offer to people just starting CrossFit?

Just keep moving, you may never do some of the things Rx, but you are there trying, sweating and surrounded by a great group of people. Just by being there you are winning!

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