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Athlete of the Month - December 2018

January 3, 2019

 Congratulations to Leah Mourey for earning Athlete of the Month during the month of December.  Leah refused to let the holidays get in the way of her fitness.  She committed herself to regularly attending classes and putting in the effort.  She is an inspiration to the athletes around her as she focuses on her form and still brings the intensity.  She motivates others as well as she can be found persuading others to do another "small wod" before they leave open gym.  Leahs effort and consistency paid off recently with her accomplishing her first unassisted pull up!


Congrats Leah on a great month of health and fitness!


As this is Leah's second time earning this recognition and she is a little camera shy, she composed a statement that kind of explains her journey with CrossFit.  Thank you Leah for being you!


"I came to CrossFit a little over two years ago because I wanted to muscle and reduce stress.  For a very long time I was absolutely terrified when I walked into WCF.  Slowly but surely I started noticing improvements in my strength, cardiovascular health, lifting skills, and confidence.  


Fast forward to today, I'm no longer terrified and I now just love going to WCF!  It is the highlight of my day.  No matter how my night or day goes, my time at WCF makes me feel amazing and strong.  The coaches are super helpful and encouraging.  I also find the other athletes fun and inspiring.  Much to my surprise, I have discovered that barbell moves are a super skill and I love the challenge of them.  I have also learned to not take myself to seriously (most of the time), that even when you're in a slump you are still making progress.


I think that CrossFit is a lot like sand paper: it may hurt a little (A LOT) but it is polishing (you) in the areas of strength, mobility, skill stamina, courage, and humility for whatever life throws at you."


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