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Athlete of the Month - November 2018

December 4, 2018


Congratulations to Jodi Coe for earning Athlete of the Month during November.  Jodi can be found at the gym nearly every morning, usually with a smile on her face and always with a smart remark :).  Jodi was lights out during the nutrition challenge, working hard to focus on the food she consumed, which didn't go unnoticed by the coaches.  Jodi is new to CrossFit and is only beginning to realize how strong and athletic she is.


If you see Jodi at the gym or on the street be sure to congratulate her on a job well done!


Now a few words from Jodi:


When did you become a member at WC?  I joined this summer...last week of July I think.

What do you do when you're not at WC?  I’m your average working mom of three girls. I chauffeur kids, do excessive amounts of laundry, and chase around a toddler.

When did you realize crossfit is right for you?   I started doing everything but Crossfit, and when the new schedule came out, I got talked into giving it a shot. I was super intimidated my first class, but I knew probably after about a week. I felt stronger and I love being competitive and pushing myself harder to go heavier or get more reps.

What's your favorite WOD/movement?  Obviously, burpees...haha...I’m still learning but I love the partner WODs.

What's your least favorite WOD/movement?  Hand stand pushups, can’t do one to save my life.

What is one thing you have done at WC that you never thought u would do?  Enjoy working out again! Took a long break after the last kid, and getting back to it was hard! I love my mornings. Oh, and I’m up to 3 DUs .

What motivates you during a WOD?  Mostly Michelle yelling, watching Sam be a badass, or any of my fellow classmates killing it. Everyone has been awesome to work with and really encouraging. I will do a pull up.

What is something about yourself we may not know?  I have a terrible sailors mouth.

What advice would you give someone just getting started with CrossFit?  Keep showing up! It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you’re at, any WOD can be scaled to your ability. You will feel stronger and so much better. Coaches are great, and you get to work out with the best crew in Billtown

Fill in the blank:


I like...Coffee
I eat...Tacos
I do...Try
I am...Stronger

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