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April 2017 - Don Setter

May 2, 2017

When did you become a member at WC?

    Late August 2016


What do you do when you're not at WC?

    I work as a physician at a Family Medicine Clinic in Williamston; Spend time with my wife and 3 kids


When did you realize crossfit is right for you?

    While in the Navy, I was stationed at an airfield in Atsugi, Japan.  One of our neighbors, Kate introduced me to Crossfit with a relatively straight-forward workout consisting of squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.  It seemed so easy when she described it, but by the time it was over I was lying in a puddle of sweat with my lungs burning and I was completely exhausted.  I loved it!


What's your favorite WOD/movement?

    Cleans & Thrusters.  They are the ultimate full body movement that engages just about every muscle in your entire body.


What's your least favorite WOD/movement?

    Squat Snatch & Overhead Squats.  Any limitations in mobility or flaws in form will be exposed in these movements.  They are humbling movements and I hate them, but they keep coming back for more.   


What is one thing you have done at WC that you never thought u would do?

    A strict Ring muscle-up


What motivates you during a WOD?

    Definitely music (big fan of hard rock) and working out with my fellow athletes at the Box.  They push me harder than I ever thought I could go. 


What is something about yourself we may not know?

    After graduating from MSU, I spent 8 years in the Navy, serving in Bremerton, WA, Atsugi, Japan and Beaufort, SC.


What advice would you give someone just getting started with crossfit?

    Just like everything else in life, Crossfit is about the journey, not the destination.  It is not easy and you won't see quick results.  You will not be an expert at every movement right away and at times you will have to scale, everyone does.   Check your ego at the door and listen to your coaches, they are there to help. Perfect form in movements before adding weight, otherwise you risk injury and reduced performance later on.  Work to physically push yourself harder than you have ever gone before.  If done properly, you will frequently find yourself exhausted and gasping for air after a workout. It will hurt, but without it you will never improve your personal performance or break PR's.  Don't forget the importance of mobility/flexibility, rest/recovery and proper fuel for your body.  Hard training will never substitute for bad nutrition.   But, if you commit to the program and find joy in the process, you will see results, guaranteed!!



Fill in the blank (one word):

I like... work

I eat... Protein

I do... Heal

I am... husband & Father




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