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Nate Feldpausch

Nate is a Crossfit Level 1 certified trainer who works with people of all abilities helping them reach their fitness goals


Samantha Schultz

Hi my name is Samantha Schultz or Coach Sam and I am a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at Williamston CrossFit. I started CrossFit in October of 2014 and became a coach in November of 2014. CrossFit was a challenge when I started and I compared myself to all the other athletes who had been a member a lot longer than I was. I couldn’t wait until I had the abilities and strengths that they had so I could do what they could do. I worked hard to achieve what I can do now and I still challenge myself today to do more, because with CrossFit, there is always something to be better at. I have a background in kinesiology/exercise science through Western Michigan University where I obtained my bachelors of Science degree. I have been involved with sports and an active lifestyle since I was a young girl and continued through my college years where I played softball at Lansing Community College for two years. In September of 2016 I graduated from South University in Novi, MI with an associate’s degree in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. In October of 2016 I became a Licensed Physical therapist Assistant and was hired in at ATI Physical Therapy in Fowlerville on the 14th of November, which happens to be my birthday. I love what I do here at Williamston CrossFit and I love the community and the positive atmosphere we all create to make a positive experience for everyone. We are truly a team that supports everyone on a daily basis and we continue to encourage our friends or other members/athletes of the gym to do their best and work hard to reach their goals and do things they never thought were possible!

Heather Gorsline

Hey guys!! Coach HG here!!  Long time member first time bio writer...

I began my CrossFit journey at WIlliamston CrossFit in March of 2014 and was instantly hooked.  I loved the support and encouragement I received from my fellow athletes and the guidance I got from all the coaches.

In May 2016, I was given the opportunity to become a coach.  I love helping athletes reach their personal goals and love seeing their reactions when they do.  The athletes at WIlliamston CrossFit make my job easy by coming to class ready to work and putting in 110%.  When they hear 3,2,1...the music is cranked and its time to work.

Williamston CrossFit has been a second home for my family as well.  M three boys, Ben, Alex, and Sam have been coming to Kids CrossFit for 2 years and my husband Jeff is also a 6am regular.  I also work part time at the Michigan Athletic Club as well as volunteer at my kids school and with our non-profit, Many Hands.

Michelle Schotzko

Michelle Schotzko coaches Rise & Grind Monday through Thursdays 5:10-5:55am.

Monday is spinning, Tuesday and Thursday is cardio/strength Kettlebell, and Wednesday is a cardio/strength circuit. 

Michelle also coaches spinning Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 7:30am. 


Michelle is a registered nurse, certified group fitness instructor, and certified personal trainer coaching classes since 2005. 

She developed and implemented group kettlebell classes at the MAC and trained the MAC instructors to coach kettlebell.

Michelle achieved CMS (Certified Master of Sport) ranking in IKFF (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation) in the 10 minute long-cycle and placed second at the Festivus Games, intermediate level. Michelle is a marathon runner and loves adventure racing. 

Michelle is a wife of 20 years and a mother to 3 teenagers.

Michelle's passion is fitness and seeing others get stronger through consistent hard work. 

Dawn Siggett

Over 25 years ago I began teaching aerobics at the Beverly Hills Racquet Club in Birmingham Michigan.  My enthusiasm, drive, and sheer joy in physical fitness moved me to become a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, spinning instructor, cardio dance instructor and yoga instructor.  I have had the honor of teaching classes and personal training clients in California, Michigan and the Bahamas.


My spinning certification is from Mad Dogg Athletics, this is the company owned by Johnny G, who is the creator of spinning.  My Personal Training and Group Instructor Certifications are from American Council on Exercise (ACE).  ACE is considered a universal leader in fitness certifications.


Over the years many things have changed in my life but my commitment to fitness and desire to help people with their fitness needs has not wavered.  I have always believed that if you found a fitness activity you enjoyed, you will make that a part of your “every day” life.  So I strive to make every class or session enjoyable as well as informative.  I believe that music is such a powerful motivator so I try and play music that will get people smiling and moving.


By day I am a lobbyist in the health care field!



ACE Certified Aerobics Instructor (1995 to Present)

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2009 to Present)

Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor (1997 to Present)

TRX Group Suspension Training (completed 7/2010)

Zumba Training (completed 2010 and 2012)

Karen Bastien


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